Bio and Artists statement

Thom Boekhoven born (1948) in the Netherlands.

Education: 2008-2009 ArtEZ University Institute of the Arts Netherlands. Course ‘up graders’.
Thom Boekhoven lives and works in the Netherlands.

Artists Statement:
I photograph with paint.

The realistic work of the fine painter Thom Boekhoven is centralized around still life.
His still life conjure up an atmosphere of tranquillity.
He does not avoid complicated actions of light and always looks for the most beautiful solution. His subjects are selected with the most care.
He portrays his subjects with great attention and a perfect feeling for an expression of substance. In his paintings, the painting of light is of great importance.
This is achieved with great precision in mirror images, reflections and shadows, which give the paintings their reality.

Fairs and Exhibits

2015 Winter collection Gallery Albemarle London

2014 Art Fair Realism Amsterdam
2014 Art Fair Breda Netherlands

2013 Art Fair Realism Amsterdam
2013 Art Fair Den Bosch
2013 Group exhibition Gallery Albemarle London
2013 Group exhibition Gallery Lauswold Netherlands

2012 Art Fair Realism Amsterdam
2012 Art Fair den Bosch Netherlands
2012 Art Laren Netherlands

2011 Art Fair Realism Amsterdam
2011 Art Laren Netherlands

2010 Art Laren Netherlands
2010 Art Fair Realism Amsterdam
2010 Solo exhibition Gallery Rademakers Amsterdam

2009 Art Antique Utrecht Netherlands
2009 Art Fair Den Bosch Netherlands
2009 Realisme09 Amsterdam
2009 Dutch Art Now New York City

2008 Solo exhibition Gallery Rademakers Amsterdam
2008 Art Fair Den Bosch Netherlands
2008 Realism08 Amsterdam
2008 AAF Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

2007 Art Fair Den Bosch Netherlands
2007 Art Nocturne Knocke Belgium
2007 Realism07 Amsterdam

2006 Realism06 Amsterdam
2006 Art London by Gallery Rademakers Amsterdam
2006 Primavera Rotterdam Netherlands
2006 AFA Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

2005 Realism05 Amsterdam
2005 Solo exhibition Gallery Smelik & Stokking Amsterdam

2004 AFA Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
2004 Exhibit Marbella Spain

2003-2002 various exhibitions